Thursday, March 28, 2013

High Five for Friday

1)Lace and polka dots always make the day more fun.

2) Lavender nail polish. I really like this spring color!

3) The baby shower for one of my good friend Jenny went really well! So many wonderful ladies were involved in making it happen, and it was great to be part of it! (I cant wait for that baby to be here!) (This was actually two weeks ago)

4) I got a cute pouch from the pleated poppy! I love it!!!!

5) I got to see my good friend from high school, Katie and her family. I also got to meet her second son Levi for the first time! I just forgot to take a picture. Again.

How was your week? I hope you all have a wonderful and safe Easter!

Love Always,

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  1. I would absolutely have to agree with you, that lace and polka dots always makes things better =) Happy Friday!


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