Friday, July 27, 2012

High Five For Friday

We are in Holbrook this weekend so unfortunately this post won't have any pictures. However this was a great week!
1) Our friends Jessica and Kyle have a little boy named Asher he turned one this week! I will post pictures later!
2) I got a phone call from Alyssa! She and Julian moved to Germany so getting a phone call is a huge deal!!! Plus she is eight months pregnant ( for all intensive purposes she is my niece) so its great to get updates.
3) We are in Holbrook my home town, and I'm super excited to be with my family! No one gets me quite like my amazing sister Eryn does!
4) Ben and I went hiking :)
5) I found out that the hospital has grilled cheese in the cafeteria how exciting is that!?

No matter how big or small the happy things are in your life they are so important! How was your week? What little thingsafe you smile?
Love Always,

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Flashback Tuesday

Flashback Tuesday is a new link up that Jen created. You should check out her blog its pretty great! The point of flashback tuesday is to look back at a few photos that were taken in the past and explain their significance.

I chose two photos both from my graduation in December of 2011. I am sure the significance is obvious! The top photo is with my best friend Brynn ( it was avery sunny day). She and I have known each other since we were two. It was so amazing to graduate not only high school but college with her too. Brynn is a free spirit and has an incredible passion for music. She is one amazing woman, and I dont know what I would do without her!

This is one of my best friends from NAU,  Cydney. She and I met through our honor society group Cardinal Key. She is so wonderful. Cydney is a fire cracker and can run farther than any one I have ever met! She now lives in Florida with her great Husband and I miss her dearly. I am so blessed to have met her!

Go ahead, look through some old photos! What special memories come to your mind? 

Love Always,

Thursday, July 19, 2012

High Five For Friday

Well it's Friday!!! I'm linking up with Lauren from for a little thing called high five for Friday.

The point of this is to choose five things from the past week to share. It's a wonderful way to remember the week and be thankful. So here are:

 1) My husband brought me flowers for no reason!
 2) I got to go on a run (okay a walk I bruised my tail bone) with the wonderful Jessica at Sabino Canyon. If you are in Tucson and have never gone I highly recommend it!
 3)We found this little bat by our front door!

4) I had time to make a small painting for my office. I will put up pictures of it once it goes up with everything else I have planned

5) Today my cousin Suzie and her Husband Cody welcomed Mis Dakodi Daelynn into the world. I don't have a picture of her but I saw one on facebook. She is stunning! Dakodi is a miracle and we are so excited that she is finally here!

What are you thankful for this week? I hope you all have a great weekend! 
Love Always,

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Patients is a Virtue

I know patients is a virtue, but why is it so hard to learn?! This morning I was running late (again), and it seemed every light turned red right as I approached it.  (Which always seems to be the case when running late.) At first I was a little flustered. Then I saw a mother quail and her chicks in a line cross the road.

Then I realized two things:

1) I can't change the light so getting flustered accomplishes NOTHING.
2) if I had been five minutes earlier or the light was green, I would have missed such a wonderful site.

Isnt it great that God knows what's ahead? I was blessed by a family of quail today, what was a blessing to you today?

Love Always,

Friday, July 13, 2012 Love Always

This blog is inspired by my husband Ben. When we started writing letters to each other (we had a long distance relationship for three years) we always ended the letter with love always. This simple phrase is a reflection of our commitment to each other. It also is a great reminder of how God intends for us to live our lives, we need to love always. So Ben, this one goes out to you love!

Some may ask why even start a blog? Well, Blogging is my way of keeping track of all the adventures Ben and I will have. A way to remember what my style is like now and a way to reflect on life as it passes by. You see, I want to remember life as it is, but I also want to learn and grow from it. I see blogging as a GREAT way to accomplish all of my crazy ideas!

I have seen so many great blogs by friends and complete strangers alike. By looking at these blogs I realized each reader gets some insight into the writers life. How great is that?! I am so very excited to become part of this wonderful community! For those who are reading I would love to get to know you (if I don't already!) so leave a comment telling me about yourself. Even better leave me some advice if you are an experienced blogger! Oh and one last thing..... remember to love always!