Saturday, November 16, 2013

Christmas Is Coming!!!!

To begin with, Christmas is not about gift giving, decorating, or singing. While I LOVE all of those things, Christmas is about the birth of Christ and the sacrifice he later made for us. With that being said I found some fun ideas to give for Christmas.

1) Scarf from She Does Justice You can read about my love for SDJ here. 

2) Necklace from Lisa Leonard Designs

3) Shirt from So Worth Loving 

4) Necklace from Caroline G. (I have two of the three stone necklaces, I get compliments on it all the time!)

5) Washi Tape (I use mine all the time! Im not crazy right my crafting friends?)

 6) Monthly Subscription boxes I have heard great things about birch box, but there are a ton out there for men, women, and children alike. Some will allow you to do just a few months to a whole year. Just consult Google on this one, search monthly box subscriptions.

I love to give gifts and I love Christmas, but the reason for this season is the birth of Jesus Christ. I hope your Holiday season is happy and bright!

Love Always,

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

What a Beautiful Life....

I definitely dropped the ball on the 31 Day Challenge. I have no excuse to offer. I need to work on my consistency!

The last few weeks have been so interesting in many ways!

To start off we have had some apartment trouble which resulted in us not having a kitchen for about a month. The good news is we now have a very clean kitchen that is nice and organized. It turned out to be a blessing in a disguise!

Halloween came and went. I was Tinkerbell this year, and got to participate in reverse trick or treat in the Pediatric Unit at the hospital I work at. Seeing those smiling faces brought so much joy to my heart. I just love those kids! I also got to go trick or treating for the first time in my life.... yes I am 23. We went with our dear friends, their precious little girl was a cupcake and their baby boy was a pirate. I also made friends with their little friends, I now know a little dragon and a little lion. Being in a fairy costume really makes kids want to hold your hand! I felt so very special.

Credit: Limelight Photography

We got some of our Christmas pictures taken there will be more to come!

I love giving gifts and making pretty things.

Its a lion....if you tilt your head a little you can see it!

I got to see my Mom, Dad, and Sister last weekend. We went to the Zoo, saw a few movies, hung out, and ate a HUGE piece of cake. (We split it I promise!) I am so so so blessed with this family of mine.

Christmas is coming, so I cant wait to talk more about that soon! Here is to being more consistent!!!!

Love Always,