Friday, July 13, 2012 Love Always

This blog is inspired by my husband Ben. When we started writing letters to each other (we had a long distance relationship for three years) we always ended the letter with love always. This simple phrase is a reflection of our commitment to each other. It also is a great reminder of how God intends for us to live our lives, we need to love always. So Ben, this one goes out to you love!

Some may ask why even start a blog? Well, Blogging is my way of keeping track of all the adventures Ben and I will have. A way to remember what my style is like now and a way to reflect on life as it passes by. You see, I want to remember life as it is, but I also want to learn and grow from it. I see blogging as a GREAT way to accomplish all of my crazy ideas!

I have seen so many great blogs by friends and complete strangers alike. By looking at these blogs I realized each reader gets some insight into the writers life. How great is that?! I am so very excited to become part of this wonderful community! For those who are reading I would love to get to know you (if I don't already!) so leave a comment telling me about yourself. Even better leave me some advice if you are an experienced blogger! Oh and one last thing..... remember to love always!


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