Friday, July 27, 2012

High Five For Friday

We are in Holbrook this weekend so unfortunately this post won't have any pictures. However this was a great week!
1) Our friends Jessica and Kyle have a little boy named Asher he turned one this week! I will post pictures later!
2) I got a phone call from Alyssa! She and Julian moved to Germany so getting a phone call is a huge deal!!! Plus she is eight months pregnant ( for all intensive purposes she is my niece) so its great to get updates.
3) We are in Holbrook my home town, and I'm super excited to be with my family! No one gets me quite like my amazing sister Eryn does!
4) Ben and I went hiking :)
5) I found out that the hospital has grilled cheese in the cafeteria how exciting is that!?

No matter how big or small the happy things are in your life they are so important! How was your week? What little thingsafe you smile?
Love Always,

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