Saturday, May 11, 2013

Ten Important Things My Mother Taught Me

Happy Mothers Day!!!

Let me tell you, I have one amazing Mother. I have also been blessed to have several Mother figures growing up too.

My Mom has always been an inspiration to me, and I am glad to say she is one of my best friends. My Mother has taught me so many things in my 22 years on this earth. Today, I thought of ten really important things that she has taught me.

1) Happiness is a choice that you must make everyday, choose wisely,

2) Be thankful for every single day, each one is a blessing.

3) Be responsible, God gave you a brain use it.

4) You are more capable that you lead yourself to believe.

5) Family is very very very important. They are worth any sacrifice you may have to make.

6) Show love to everyone regardless of any circumstance.

7) Always try to see both sides of an issue. You will always be well informed.

8) Respect yourself, your family, your friends, and everyone around you.

9) We are all children of God, no one is better than another.

10) Finally, remember to pray every single day. Many times a day even. God is with you always, you might as well talk to Him!

My Mother is so very remarkable, and I am so blessed to call her Mom.

While I cant be with her on Mother's Day, I wanted her to know, that I love her so very much. I cant begin to express my gratitude for all that she does.

Happy Mother's Day Mom! I love you!

(Happy Mother's Day to all those Moms out there. Thank you for all that you do!)

Love Always,

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  1. You are an amazing young lady and a remarkable blessing!!!


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