Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Weekend Recap

 The last two weeks have been entirely crazy. On top of work things we have done two road trips in the last two weekends. Here is what happened:

My sister went to prom, and of course I had to be there to see it! I took tons of pictures and showed them around the office, yes, I was that person.

The evening of prom I got to see my best friend Brynn. Every girl should have a friend like her, every time I see her its like we were never apart.

Of course I enjoy these long drives because Ben is my favorite traveling buddy.

Fast forward to last weekend.

This happened:

My brother got engaged to his amazing fiance Anna. Jacob got a great catch! We are all so very excited for the two of them. (Jake is pretty great too;)

We went to Phoenix on Saturday to go see Tonya and Carl get married. It was a beautiful wedding!

I apologize for the horrible picture.

We stayed the night in Phoenix, it was so relaxing. Ben and I both needed some time away with each other if only for a night. I was so very grateful for the time.

On Sunday I went to a bridal shower for my dear friend Esther who will be getting married in June. It was so very wonderful to see her! Its been over a year, and soon she will be married and moving to China for two years. There her and her husband Josh will be teaching english there and doing the Lord's work. 

Needless to say, we are exhausted. It was completely worth it though. This weekend we are looking forward to going no where!

Love Always,

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