Thursday, September 12, 2013

The End of Summer

The last six weeks have been a little crazy....any one want a recap? Here we go!

1) We went camping with my best friends from high school.

2) Danielle got married!

3) We went Peach Picking with the Waids

4) We went on a cabin trip with some of our closest friends. Eight kids and eight adults, it is a good ratio! We were in Pinetop Arizona. 

5) My sister is a college girl! I got to see her, my parents, and my brother. Getting us all in one place is a miracle!

6) My scarf from She Does Justice came in!!!!

7) My husband continues to be awesome. 

8) Why yes, that is a life size poster of me up in the new employee's a little weird to be honest. ( I picked the quote on the poster, not the communications department.)

9) Paper feathers were made....nuff said.

10) I have been sick for three weeks, and have to drop out of my half marathon. However, I am starting to feel better this week and may do one in December! 

Did you catch all that?


How are you doing?! I hope the end of summer has treated you well. I cant wait for fall!!!! 

Love always,

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