Saturday, February 23, 2013

18 Things That Make My Sister Awesome

On Sunday my sister turns 18.....I can't believe how fast that happened! For her 18th birthday I wanted to point out 18 wonderful things about my sister Eryn.

1) This kid is funny, I don't mean pity laugh funny. She is hilarious, she cracks me up every time I talk to her.
2) She talks faster than anyone I know. I don't think she even has to breathe.
3) She is determined. She can do anything she sets her mind to.
4) She says sarcastic things in the sweetest tone. Half the time most people don't even catch her sarcasm till she is long gone.
5) She has a huge heart.
6) She is so intelligent!
7) She is never ashamed to dance with me in the grocery store. ( A good song comes over the intercom every once in a while!)
8) She loves awkward situations.
9) She has a different favorite color each week.
10) She is oblivious to how beautiful she is inside and out.
11) She is so brave, she squished a spider once. I saw it.
12) She sees joy in the little things, like splashing in puddles.
13) She loves her rain boots.
14) She loves to read, and then enlighten me with all she learned. It saves me a lot of time;)
15) She is a gifted writer. Her stories are amazing.
16) She loves cowboy boots and bright colors.
17) She tolerates my ramblings.
18) Most of all, Eryn is awesome because, well she is Eryn.

Happy Birthday Eryn!

Love Always,



  1. Anyone who can get close enough to a spider to squish it is definitely brave in my book! Haha!!

    1. Right?! I'm glad it's not just me who thinks that.

  2. You two are twins!!!

    Happy Birthday to Eryn!

    1. We get that a lot:) I just say sure we are twins, and yes I'm eighteen lol. I find it so entertaining!


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