Thursday, June 27, 2013

High Five for Friday

1) My birthday was two weeks ago, and a lot of wonderful things happened. I will share about that later. However, this video of my niece makes me smile every time I see it. Thank you Lys! I absolutely love it!!!!

2) Girls night out for my birthday last weekend. These ladies are amazing! I feel so very loved and honored to have them as my friends. (More on that to come.)

3) I love this ring!

4) Paleo Lasagna. Enough said.

5) One of my best friends from high school had some wonderful news this week. Her and her husband have decided to adopt! It may be a little bit until they meet their son or daughter, but in the mean time I am so excited for them! Brenley and Eric you are going to be amazing parents!  Cant wait to watch your little family grow.

What wonderful things are happening in your life? Have a great weekend!

Love Always,

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