Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Negative Nelly

Recently I have found that a positive attitude is much more beneficial than a negative one.

In the process of learning this lesson, I have learned a few things about negativity....

  1. If you give negativity an inch it will take a mile. Negativity will quickly start to seep into everything aspect of life if allowed. 
  2. If you allow the negative thoughts to enter, negativity will also take all your thoughts faster than an angry wildebeest. 
The moral of the story is, being negative is not worth it! 

I want to live a life that is positive and uplifting. I also want to spread positivity and love where ever I go not destruction. 

So, I am giving up the negativity. Its destructive, and it distracts me from all the things that really matter. 

I know its going to be tough and it wont happen over night. However, I think that embracing positivity is another way for me to grow into the women God intends for me to be.

Love Always,

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